Friday favorites

It’s been a while since I posted my last Friday Favorites so here I am with another round of things that I’m loving right now.

  1. Gallery Leather Academic Planner. I was working on making my own planner from different printables that I’d found online but on a whim I went to Barnes & Noble and found this gorgeous planner in aqua on sale for half price!  I did a little squeal with delight because it’s just what I was looking for – an agenda for the day split up into am and pm and then a notes section on the other side.  I had been using a daily with the to-dos on each daily page and it just wasn’t working for me.  With this set up I can write the appointments that I have for the day on one side and all of the other stuff that I have to get done during the week and I can check it off as it’s done without having to turn a page each day or assigning it a day – because it drives me crazy to have something written down on a day and not do it.

2. Using a backpack instead of a cute bag to carry all of my stuff in. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a bit of an obsession of trying different bags|planners|gadgets to try and find the simplest or easiest way to get something done (see #1) but I’m slowly learning that it’s more about the function of something than how cute it is – so if a backpack is going to be the best thing to corral my stuff – I’m carrying a dang backpack.  I’m just using an old one we had around the house and it’s a bit too small right now, but I’m going with it until I can find out what I really want in a bag rather than just buying something else.
3. Aldi.  These stores are just getting to us in my part of Florida and I know not everyone likes them but you just can’t beat their prices for veggies and fruits – many of which are organic!  Sure, if you buy a lot of boxed stuff and aren’t a big fan of generic brands it may not be the place for you, but the price of veggies and fruit almost make me want to take a separate trip out to go there.

3. My Beachbody Team.  Seriously some of the best and most encouraging women I’ve ever met.  From my up-line of amazing coaches to the small team I’m a part of to the super small (literally 1 person) team that I lead, I am amazed at how everyone truly roots for one another.  And the relationships that we build to help our businesses grow is truly awesome.

4. The Chill Out Pandora Radio Station. Sometimes I just need to tune everything out and work, but I can’t listen to music with words otherwise it distracts me.  This station has the perfect mix of funky and relaxing music that gets me into my working groove.


What things are you loving this week?

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