Sunday coffee chat – II

I know it’s been a week since I last posted but I really enjoyed doing the Sunday coffee chat so I wanted to keep it going for this week too.


This week, if we sat down for a cup of coffee, I’d tell you that I have been working on my 2015 year in review post and it makes me really sad to see pictures of Gramps, knowing that he won’t be in any of my pictures this year.  I miss him so much even though we didn’t talk on the phone in the last few years because he had a difficult time hearing, I just miss knowing that he’s there.  I miss knowing that the next time that we go home I’ll see him and eat some of his amazing cooking.

I’d tell you that I am honestly enjoying my teaching position now.  I’ve waited all year to say that and while I do still wonder if I’ll go back into the classroom, or leave teaching entirely, I am so thankful to work with the amazing ladies who support me and have such a passion for the students they teach.

I’d tell you that on Saturday I had the opportunity to attend my very first Super Saturday as a Beachbody Coach and I absolutely LOVED the energy the group had.  I learned a lot of new tips and information which sparked a lot of ideas on how to grow my business into something amazing this year.

I’d tell you that today we went to church and the message was on Dreaming Ridiculous Dreams and I cried from nearly the moment we walked in until the moment we left.  It was so powerful and gave me peace and hope for the vision Carl and I have for our lives.

I’d tell you that I am absolutely loving the Hammer & Chisel program that Carl and I are doing together!  We are one week into the eight week program and are already seeing some amazing results – both physically and mentally.  We have less cravings, less mood swings, and are seeing the value in using the containers to portion out our foods to make sure that we are getting in enough veggies|fruits|protein and not too much of the carbs|fats.  I can’t wait to see what the next weeks bring!
NOTE:  This is actually my second week but because Carl decided to start I repeated the first week instead of moving on.

Tell me, how was your week?  What are you looking forward to for the week to come?

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