Sunday coffee chat

Good morning, friends! It’s good to see you again and welcome to 2016! I’m still going to do a 2015 recap and a post about it word and focus for the new year but I thought it would be fun to just chat about life. As though we were able to get away from our lives for a few hours and have a cup of coffee with each other.

I’d tell you that yesterday we drove around town trying to find an area that we want to live. We have 100% found a location, floor plan, and even a lot. And while that is super exciting we are still going to wait before we move forward. Yes, I know the interest rates are going up. Yes, I know the home prices are going up. But Carl still wants to focus on following the Dave Ramsey plan. It kills me a little on the inside to wait and follow the plan but I’m working on having faith that God’s plan is far bigger than either of ours so when it’s time to move forward we will have a huge, burning bush as a sign. 

I’d tell you that our current townhouse is more organized than it has ever been before and I love it! We still have spaces to go through but our room and closet, the living room, and Harper’s room and closet are done. Books are next and then the garage!

I’d tell you that I started working out with Hammer & Chisel on Monday and that I absolutely love it! It’s a fusion between 21 Day Fix with Autumn and CrossFit with Sagi. It brings me joy. 

I’d also tell you that I ate pizza and ice cream for dinner yesterday and missed my workout. But I did have a salad for lunch so you know, balance. 😉

I’d tell you that Carl and I found Blacklist on Netflix last night and watched SIX episodes before finally going to sleep at 1:30am. It’s that good!

What would you tell me about this morning?

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